What respondents really want - How to supercharge your incentives using GiftPay

Remember when it was common for a good face to face interviewer to get a dozen 15 minute surveys in a day, offering respondents nothing more than a smile and a chance to express their opinions? Those days are long gone and people are now putting a higher value on both their time and views.

While there is a definite time and place for brands to build rapport and generate organic engagement, sometimes it just comes down to incentives. So what is it that people really want? And what features are most important when it comes to incentives?

Make it Immediate

In an era where you can get same day delivery for just about anything, waiting 4 to 6 weeks for a plastic $20 gift card to be mailed to you just doesn't cut it. Incentives need to be delivered to the recipient immediately so they can use it straight away. Using GiftPay, delivery is instantaneous via email. So once you hit send, the real time reports will show you exactly when a gift has been received.

Make it Easy

Redeeming an incentive should never be a chore. No one wants to jump through hoops to get their reward, especially if they have already completed a host of odd research tasks. With GiftPay there is no account setup, verifications, passwords and other login processes so recipients can just get on with enjoying their reward.

Make it Versatile

Putting limits on where, when and how a reward can be used can make recipients' blood boil. You need to give something that almost everyone can use at a place they can easily get to. There's no use giving out petrol vouchers to people who don't drive. GiftPay gives users access to over 40 separate merchants across supermarkets, department store, petrol stations, specialty stores and online retailers. We estimate that 99% of people will have visited one of our merchants in the last month.

Make it Memorable

We need to remember that doing research studies is not a respondent's job (at least we hope...) Most are doing it because they like giving their opinions, are curious about the process and want to help. So any incentive should be positioned as a gift as opposed to a payment. People want to feel rewarded and a memorable gift does just that. So while cash ticks a lot of boxes, it can also be a "forgotten" incentive. A branded GiftPay eGift will sit in your respondent's inbox and every time they open it they will see your logo and message of thanks.

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