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Welcome to Collins Booksellers, a cherished Australian institution with a legacy spanning over a century. Established in 1922 as a news agency at 622 Collins Street, Melbourne, by founder Frederick Henry (Harry) Slamen, Collins Booksellers has evolved into a proud Australian-owned business, now comprising 26 franchised bookshops across the nation.

Terms and Conditions

Present your Gift Card at the point of sale at a participating Collins Booksellers store with the merchandise that you wish to purchase using that Gift Card. Our point of sale operator will scan your Gift Card and then enter the PIN into the pin pad. The transaction will be completed when the balance has reduced on your Gift Card. No change will be given for any Remaining Gift Card Value. The Remaining Gift Card Value may be used in whole or part against future purchases until the Gift Card expires. You agree that we can reduce the Remaining Gift Card Value by the value of all purchases of goods and services that are authorised by you. Transactions are authorised by you by: scanning your Gift Card and entering your PIN, or allowing an operator or other person to do so, at the point of sale; or giving us details of the Gift Card and authorising the transaction in some other way approved by us. When you authorise a transaction: you are confirming that the transaction correctly represents the purchase price of the goods or services obtained; and you are agreeing to pay the amount of that transaction by the reduction of the Remaining Gift Card Value. Please visit for the full terms and conditions.

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