Australian Bushfire Appeal $5 Donation

Minimum 6 months validity

Which charities will receive my donation? At the conclusion of the appeal GiftPay will make consolidated payments of funds equal to the gift cards donated by recipients to this campaign. The funds will be split between the various state bushfire authorities (NSW RFS, Victorian CFA etc.) and the major disaster appeals run by The Salvation Army and The Australian Red Cross. Can I receive a donation receipt for tax purposes? We consolidate and pay all users' donations to each charity in one donation. For this reason, the charity cannot issue each individual gift card donor with a tax receipt. To do so would result in more administration costs and less of your gift value being used directly for charitable work. How do I know the money will really be donated? GiftPay has a proud history of working with charities and donating funds from gift card recipients, with over $60,000 donated by gift card recipients to various charities to date. For more information visit

There are small transaction charges associated with processing charity gift cards. These are deducted and the balance is donated directly to the charity. Typically these charges are 5% or less.

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